Leipziger14 - Modern dentistry with a long tradition.

Practice philosophy

Dental medicine in the 21st century can do a lot for your oral health. Back in time dentists just filled holes in teeth or even extracted them. Nowadays the mayor aim is to keep your oral health with individual prophylaxis, ideally beginning in infancy.
If you already suffer decayed teeth or, even worse, lost teeth, the aim should be to plan the treatment as minimal invasive and forward looking as possible. Modern dentistry means trying to keep every single tooth, because your own tooth is the best you can get.
Like general in sciences, dental treatement options become more and more complex and specialized.
To keep up with this development all your dentists work specialized in certain fields of dentistry.
In a multi-specialist dental office like Leipziger14 – Ihre Zahnärzte you will find specialists in all major fields of modern dentistry like periodontology, endodontology, implantology and esthetic dentistry to satisfy your requirement of the perfect treatment reaching highest quality goals.