Aesthetically - Functional Periodontology


Esthetic-functional periodontics

If your gum retracts sensitive teeth, decay on the root surface and of course esthetic reasons can lead to the urge to rearrange the gum. There are some special treatments to solve these complex problems which should only be done by specialists.

Process of gum-sorgery

During this delicate procedure the gum has to be mobilized and reattached at the original position.
One of the reasons of retracted gingiva is the quality (very thin type) of gum. Because of that a tissue graft placed underneath the gum has to support the thin structures.
This tissue is mostly very thin and sensitive, that the surgeon has to use microsurgical tools and scopes avoiding to harm the gingiva.
In our office, Dr. Yevgeni Viktorov Msc is the specialist for these kind of surgeries. He is well educated as one of the very few „Specialists in Periodontics of DGParo“ in Berlin.

Treatment of „gummy smile“

The other way around sometimes your teeth seem too short. That looks like your smile is dominated by your gum, calling it „gummy smile“.
The so called „gummy smile“ can be eliminated highly predictable via a microsurgical approach.
The reason is, that your original tooth is a lot bigger in size, hidden under the gumline. Lifting the gumline and recreating a more esthetic shape will show the original tooth without harming the teeth at all. It is just a change in the relation between gingiva and teeth.