Minimal invasive tooth extraction - smaller engagement, lower risks

Minimal invasive tooth extraction

Of course the major ambition of a dentist should be the conservation of your teeth. Sometimes unfortunately it is necessary to extract a tooth. Especially wisdom teeth often do not fit into a patients mouth and have to be extracted.
These procedures are not very popular, because of the patients fear of pain, swelling and other discomfort.
To keep the discomfort as low as possible, our doctors always perform microsurgical approaches.
In some situations a three dimensional treatment planning via a CBCT is useful to avoid damage of nerves and to keep the wound as small as possible to avoid infections during the healing process.
Sutures, if needed, should be very thin and monofil to avoid attachment of bacteria that provoke infections.

In cases of an extraction before implantation it is crucial to keep all the surrunding bone structure for a more secure, non elaborate implantation.
For details please ask our specialists Dr. yevgeni Viktorov Msc and Alexander Planert Msc.