Dr. med. dent. Yevgeni Viktorov MSc

Your specialist in Periodontology


Dr. Yevgeni Viktorov Msc is specialized in periodonal and implant therapy.
Periodontology is the type of treatment taking care of the periodontium. Frequent prophylaxis and treatment of periodontitis are his main questions.
In the last decade a lot of valid research was done according to the impact of periodontitis on diseases like diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. This shows the significant influence of the healthy status of your gum for a healthier life in general.
Regeneration and recreation of bone is another fascinating aspect of my work, says Dr. Viktorov. And, of course, the recreation and design of gum is a crucial part of his work as a specialist in esthetic dentistry.
If recreation, reduction of gum or placing implants in the esthetic zone, you cannot be predictibly successful without knowledge and adequate microsurgical skills.
The very fast advancement in periodontology, in our mind, does not allow just additional interest in being a general dentist to solve these delicate treatment options. In our opinion someone should be highly specialized to give you as much predictability and success as a patient.
That’s why we are very proud supporting you with the expertise of Dr. Viktorov when it comes to the treatment of severe periodontitis, bone regeneration or enhancement of gum in esthetic dentistry or implantology.

Our periodontology and implant specialist developed his passion during his studies in dental clinic Charité Berlin and internship at the NYU (University of New York/USA).
After finishing his studies he went to countless continuing education programs like a curriculum in periodontology from 2005 to 2007 or the masters in periodontology program from 2007 to 2009.
Since 2016 he is one of a handful of „Specialist in Periodontology of DGParo“ in Berlin.

As one of the best in Berlin he is eager to share his knowledge as an international lecturer in periodontology and implantology.