Specializing against a widespread disease

Therapy of periodontitis

Periodontitis is a widespread disease that leads to the most likely loss of teeth, even more often than caries.
This disease is caused by oral bacteria and the body’s reaction in form of damage of the tooth surrounding tissues. If you are genenticly predisposed these bacteria will cause a periodontitis.
That will proceed until you will loose the tooth or the disease will be treated in the right way.

A state of the art therapy of periodontitis tightly connected to regular professional tooth cleaning is a major aspect of our work at Leipziger14-Ihre Zahnärzte. A stable basement, like in a house, is the key to long term success when it comes to suprastructures like crowns, bridges even implants.

Besides genetic predisposure, diabetes, smoking and bad oral hygiene can worsen a periodontitis.
The major aim of the treatment of periodontitis is to reduce the amount of bacteria on the root surfaces. To realize a systematic therapy at first all teeth have to be free of caries, present prothetics have to be cleanable by the patient and a professional tooth cleaning should erase all attachments on the teeth above the gumline.
Afterwards the nonsurgical therapy of periodontitis has to be performed. That means the cleanig of the root surfaces in the dental pockets with hand instruments and also sand blasting (cleanpro) under local anaesthesia.
About two months later the patient has to come to reevaluate the healing process. These treatments are exclusively done by specialized dental hygienists in close coordination with our perio-specialist Dr. Yevgeni Viktorov Msc.
During the first year after the procedure patients should come to the professional tooth cleaning every 3 months. Later the intervals will be appointed individually.

If you suffer a severe periodontitis the nonsurgical, conservative treatments won’t solve the problem. In these cases Dr. Viktorov will discuss advantages and disadvantages of keeping the relevant teeth via surgical preservation techniques like bone regeneration or reduction of dental pocket depths.

During the last years the connection between periodontitis and general diseases was reviewed very intensely. Researches show a higher risk of heart attack and stroke in patients with periodontitis.
Other studies show a higher rate of premature delivery. Patients with diabetes are much better treatable with their disease if they don’t have periodontitis.

If your problem is not deep dental pockets, but decreasing gum, you will have a higher risk of getting caries on the root surfaces and your teeth will become more sensitive on hot/cold.
In these cases a gum buildup can solve your problems.
These procedures are very delicate and should only performed by a specialized dentist using the most minimal invasive techniques for the best outcome.