Temporomandibular joint consultation

Treatment for crackling jaw-temporomandibular dysfunctions

Pain in the region of the temporomandibular joint can manifest in several ways.
Symptoms like cracking, grinding or catching of the temporomandibular joints, pain while chewing or restricted mouth opening are typical signs of dysfunctional temporomandibular joints.
This is called arthropathy.
Facial pain, headache or pain in the region of the cervical spine are signs for muscular problems.
This is what we call myopathy.
If your bite feels unfomfortable and just not right, we call it occlusopathy.

If you suffer paraxysmal, episodic or fast emerging pain it can be a neuropathy. The best known neuropathy is the trigeminal neuropathy.
If there are damages of the nerval system caused be viruses or accidents these problems can stay for long time.
If you grind or press your teeth is is called buxism.

Because of the differing sizing of the problems patients psychological strain differs. But a diagnosis will help the patients to arrange with the problems. Not every dentist is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of so called temporomandibular dysfunctions (TMD).
Because of the very differing symptoms a lot of non scientific proven therapies are offered. In our opinion these treaments should only base in scientific evidence!
In our practice only Dr. Antje Zorn will take care of these problems, because she is spezialized only in treating patients with temporomandibular dysfunctions, also as part-time faculty at the Charité University Berlin.