Fear of the dentist? Here is the solution!

Treatment of dentophobic patients

A lot of people are very scared to go to the dentist. Mostly this is caused by traumatic experiences in childhood. Also a lot af patients sense dental treatments as a intrusion into privacy.

By experience in treating dentophobic patients since more than 10 years our doctors will take you 100% serious in your phobia and will help you in sympathy and patience. The key to success is an extensive counseling, painfree treatments and comprehensive explanations during the procedure.

Our office Leipziger14-Ihre Zahnärzte is specialized in implants, bone regerneration, sinus lifts and
full mouth reconstructions. If a surgical procedure is too complex or your phobia does not allow a regular treatment in conciousness we also offer treatments in general anaesthesia.

Our anesthesiologist Dr. Jens Hennicke has more than 20 years of experience and will take perfect care of you. In agreement with us you can choose between general anaesthesia or sedation.
Of course you can bring your company and we will also prepare you a cosy stay after the treatment in our separate room to awake and regenerate.