Crooked teeth - must not be!

Treatment of malpositioned teeth

Esthetics play a big role in society. Crooked and convoluted teeth are not just an esthetic annoyance but a promotive situation for bacteria causing health trouble like periodontitis because the teeth are not easy to clean.
If you are not blessed with straight teeth you should consult an orthodontist. Even if you are an adult this seems to be the most biologically accepted treatment option.
To support you with these kind of therapies we work closely with our specialized orthodontic collegues from ADENTICS at Leipziger Platz 7.
That allows us to accompany you and the orthodontists on a friedly base next door.

Not only convoluted teeth in the esthetic zone should be treated. If you lost one of your teeth long time ago, the adjacent teeth are usually tilted. If you have to close that gap it is wise to straighten the teeth before dental treatment like bridges or implants for a better esthetic outcome and cleanability.

If your teeth are just slightly crooked and you want a fast correction without braces veneers can be an option for you. In a minimal invasive way, sometimes completely without drilling, the teeth can be idealized with ceramic bonded shells.