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Esthetic dentistry

What is esthetic dentistry?

Teeth in general have a major impact on the appearance of people. Subconsciously beautiful teeth signalize health, youth and self confidence.
Grateful should be these who have naturally bright and simply beautiful teeth. Unfortunately not everybody is blessed like these people. Taking care of that problem is the reason of that discipline of modern dentistry.

I want brighter teeth!

If you suffer naturally darker colored or by Amalgam or other old fillings discolored teeth there are several possibilities to solve that problem.
If you have naturally discolored teeth or those who have discolored after a root canal treatment a simple bleaching can be your option.
There are different types of bleaching according to the initial situation.

„in office bleaching“ – the regular tooth whitening for both, the upper and lower arch
„home bleaching“ – the bleaching at home for slighter discolorations
„internal bleaching“ – the bleaching for single, previously root canal treated, teeth

If your teeth look darker because of Amalgam or other older filling materials usually a simple replacement of the material with modern nanofilled composites or, according to the size of the defect, ceramic inlays will solve the problem.
Any way you want to go, our overall aim is to save as much original tooth structure as possible!

What ist red-white esthetics?

The so called red-white esthetics play a superior role in modern dentistry. To achieve a perfect beautiful smile it’s not only the color and form or the teeth. It is more the relation of the teeth to a perfectly shaped and healthy gum (emergence profile). Simultaneously to the progress in dental technics in using highly esthetic ceramics the urge of creating the perfect shape of the gum is growing.
Nowadays modern, minimally invasive and microsurgical procedures allow treatments with a very predictable outcome. Of course these procedures need a very accurate analysis and a lot of experience. This is what we call backward planning.
We are very pleased to support your needs with all our experience and passion.

Why is the cooperation between dentist and dental technician so important?

For a perfect medical and esthetic outcome the cooperation with a dental technician you can trust 100% is crucial. Already in the plannig phase all involved parties should tell their opinions in an intense trouble shooting, including concerns and hints.
Especially on the anterior teeth using ceramic Veneers or fully ceramic crowns a tight collaboration between dentist and dental technician is important to get the perfect result. We are very happy to have our own in-house ceramic dental laboratory to achieve instant superior results. Even when adjustments in color or shape are required, we can offer these kind of modifications in a single visit.

Our team of specialists will discuss these cases together to get all information in advance to create your perfect smile without delay or discomfort. That’s what we call state of the art esthetic dentistry.