Dentist Alexander Planert & Dr. med. dent. Yevgeni Viktorov MSc

Your specialist for implants


„Implants should replace missing teeth, not teeth!“ (Jan Lindhe)

Since 50 years dental implants are a success story. Implantology as itself is based on a broad scientific base. Nowadays Implantology is a well reviewed, repeatable and predictable treatment option in dental medicine.
To perform a save and predictable implantation you need accurate diagnostics, prosthodontic planning and a minimal invasive surgical approach. All these elements merge to a long term successful treatment.
From our point of view implantology should not be seen as a single treatment option, but in tight dependence based on a profound periodontal and prosthodontic concept. Because of that, our implantologists Dr. Yevgeni Viktorov Msc. and Alexander Planert Msc. originally spring from Periodontology and Prosthodontics.

What is an Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root made from titanium or zirkoniumoxide that, once impacted from the bone (osseointegrated), supports a dental suprastructure. It is just a device for a new tooth. That is the reason, why placing an implant should be decided by the type of the required restoration.
If the area of implantation features enough bone structure, the implantation itself is not very complicated. If you have a situation like this, placing an implant is not very invasive at all, complementary to a tooth extraction.
Unfortunately these cases are very rare. Usually the dentist needs to regenerate bone and gum structure first to create a perfect field for the implant. In modern dentistry nowadays there are different well established techniques of bone regeneration in wich our specialists Dr. Yevgeni Viktorov Msc. and Alexander Planert Msc. Are not only experienced, but also share their expertise with other dentist in several lectures internationally.

Being a periodontist Dr. Viktorov and Mr. Planert attach great importance to the surrounding gum. Well knowing, that the right amount of gum will make sure that the long term medical and esthetic success will take place.

What is periimplantitis?

An inflammation of the tooth surrounding strucures like gum and bone is called periodontitis.
Analog to that, the inflammation around an implant is called periimplantitis. The etiology of both is the same, that’s why as an implantologist you have to make sure, that chronic inflammations of the gum or bone are under control before placing the implant. Treatments can be periodontal therapy, extraction of untreatable infected teeth or root canal treatments of adjacent teeth.
Once the implant is placed and well osseointegrated the maintenance is a key factor for long term success. Usually this can be done in order of a professional tooth cleaning. If you are suffering a periimplantitis there is not very much valid data of promising preservation thechniques. In these particular cases it is necessary to discuss effort and success rate on site.